Lions District 201V5

Victoria, Australia

Emergency Relief

Lions Clubs work together to support emergencies and natural disasters in Australia and overseas.

We hope you will be interested and inquire about these activities.

We welcome your interest and invite you to support the work of the foundations or other activities by donating, taking part in activities, or by expressing an interest in joining a Lions Club to help us continue and grow our work and our funding of emergency assistance to affected communities.

If you would like to keep up to date with news about how Lions are responding to assist in Emergencies or Disasters, visit our Emergency News page


Lorry loaded with Hay

Lions have always been a part of emergency support within Australia. Whether it be by providing direct help as members of the local bushfire brigade or SES, helping out as tradespeople in rebuilding efforts, providing food, clothing and a friendly face to emergency workers; or raising dollars to help local communities recover - Lions are there.

Our District has also established a District Disaster and Emergency Response team whose role is to coordinate the District’s response to disasters and emergencies with the view to providing support and relief to those affected. The leader of this team is Ray Spencer who is also the Cabinet Chair as well as being our District Representative on the Need4Feed committee. Ray can be contacted via email at   

Visit our Emergency News page