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Lions District 201V5

Victoria, Australia

Lions 201V5 Projects and Activities

Lions projects and activities provide benefits to the Community, including programs for our youth, medical research and health related activities, assistance to adults and children with disability and response to emergencies or disasters.

Lions Clubs in every town run many local activities. The activities may be to raise money for local people or projects. Usually a club would prefer to put the majority of money raised back into its local community.

Also the State or (Australian) Multiple Districts run Projects, which have been sanctioned by the majority of clubs, at an annual convention.

In addition, the International Association may sanction a worldwide project via the International Convention.

Activities which assist the community are funded by appeals, or donations and bequests from the public, but the administration of a Lions Club is generally self funded by the members themselves. They cannot appeal for Administration funds from the public unless it is specifically advertised as such.

Learn how Lions and Leos are bringing service into the 21st century with our new Global Service Framework in the video below. With expanded service opportunities designed to meet emerging humanitarian needs, the service framework will help us achieve our LCI Forward goal of serving 200 million people per year by 2021!


Lions Projects and Activities


Youth Services


Emergency Relief

Lions Xmas Cakes & Mints




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