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Lions District 201V5

Victoria, Australia

Lions Australia has a proud history in Medical Research, including the bionic ear and cervical cancer vaccine, Gardisil. We also inspired a young Fred Hollows and continue to provide funding for a range of research initiatives involving diabetes and autism.

Lions Clubs in Australia provide a range of Health research and support activities. We hope you will be interested and inquire about Lions health programs.

We invite you to see and read about the scope of research supported by Lions. We welcome your interest and invite you to support the work of the foundations or other activities by donating, taking part in activities, or by expressing an interest in joining a Lions Club to help us continue and grow our work and our funding of research.


This year, we will be placing a strong emphasis on Diabetes and will be conducting a Diabetes Camp early in 2019 for young people with diabetes in the 16 – 22 years old age group. We have decided to focus on this group as they appear to have fallen between to cracks so far as a focus on ongoing support is concerned. More information on this important project will be forthcoming over the remainder of this year. 

Internationally, and even locally, diabetes has taken on almost plague proportions with the number of people – of all ages – suffering from this dreadful disease increasing dramatically each year. It is for this reason that Lions Clubs International have adopted diabetes as a project of focus – we want to play our part of slowing down and, hopefully, putting the spread of this disease into decline.

On this website we give links to pages that briefly summarise each activity and the contact details for you to inquire about taking part or supporting the activity.

Australian Lions Childhood Cancer Research Foundation

Australian Lions Children's Mobility Foundation

Cord Blood

Australian Lions Drug Awareness Foundation (ALDAF)

Hearing Dogs

Lions Australia Spinal Cord Fellowship

Lions Prostate Cancer Research and Treatment Project

Lions House