Lions District 201V5

Victoria, Australia

Lions as Guest Speakers


We have a number of Lions who are willing to be guest speakers at meetings of Lions Clubs. Their subjects - which are not related to Lionism - are ones that will interest most Lions members. All speakers have a long involvement in their subject matters and therefore can speak authoritatively about them. Presentations should typically take 30 to 40 minutes plus time for questions and answers.

The speakers, their subject(s) and their contact details are shown below. To arrange for one of these speakers to speak at your Club, make contact with the appropriate speaker. The speakers are able to email a profile of themselves, their presentation, their availability and any requirements they might have for their presentation.




Graham Bryant

(Lions Club of Wheelers Hill)

Electricity pricing - why is it going up and what can you do to be more energy efficient?

(H)  95114272
(W)  95883646
(M)  0419813673

Robert Kann

(Lions Club of Nunawading)

ANZACs at Gallipoli and the Western Front:  A Personal Experience

(H)  9439 1802
(M)  0438 341 059

Sean Moraes

(Lions Club of Coburg)

Work Smarter Not Harder

(W)  9890 2999
(M)  0451 122 378

Carol Smith

(Lions Club of Seymour Goulburn)

Safe Use of Medicines for Seniors

(H)  5799 1970
(M)  0457 991 970

Karen Young

(Lions Club of Forest Hill)

Target Shooting...a positive experience for Teenagers

(H)  9725 1393

Frank Sainsbury

(Lions Club of Chelsea)

Organ Donation Awareness

(H)  9783 1217

(M) 0427 861873



You may also like to contact your V5 District Project Chairmen and have one of them come out to your club as a guest and talk about their particular portfolio in Lions, and how it contributes to Lions and the community. The Projects that 201V5 are involved in are widely varied and include topics such as:

Offering to be a Guest Speaker

Lions, who have the ability to be an effective Guest Speaker on a subject about which they are knowledgeable, may well be prepared to help other Clubs by being a Guest Speaker.

Any Lion interested in offering their services as a Guest Speaker at Lions clubs are requested to contact District Leadership & Training Chairman, PDG Geoff Angus. 

Contact Geoff by phone at (H) 9874 4446 (if no answer, please leave a message) or email to

It would be marvellous if we could develop a much longer list of volunteer Guest Speakers.