Lions District 201V5

Victoria, Australia

Welcome to Lions District 201V5 - UNITE - SERVE - COMMUNICATE

In Australia, and around most of the World, Lions Clubs have contributed so much towards community well being and success and made marvelous impacts on the lives of so many individuals. Now, in 2018, we are finding our communities are more than ever in need of Lions Clubs and other support groups.

Lions Clubs International turned a remarkable 100 years young in 2017, last year’s theme of ‘We Serve’ continues to highlight our determination to ensure that Lions Clubs remain a relevant, viable, and valued part of the Australian fabric for the next 100 years. 

WHERE THERE'S A NEED THERE'S A LION . . . . . . what a great catch phrase! We encourage all Lions to take up this 100 year Centenary challenge. We'll be concentrating on the four main project areas of:






Paediatric Cancer

So don’t miss your chance to be a part of this historic event—start planning your next Centennial Service Challenge event today!

We are the Lions

Lions Australia has a proud history of achievement and helping the most needy in the community.  

Think about disasters like Cyclone Tracy, the Black Saturday bushfires, New Zealand earthquake and the Queensland floods - Lions were there helping in practical ways.  

Think about the Bionic ear, the Cervical Cancer vaccine (Gardisil), and Fred Hollows to name a few.  Lions were there right from the early days - funding research and health strategies long before they became household names.  

Think too, about the local parks, monuments, sporting centres and facilities built by your Lions Clubs; built by people who saw a need and got down to the job of meeting that need, with their ideas, skills and labour.

Lions have been a part of the Australian community since 1947, helping to serve the people without promise or want of reward, the silent workers, working for the greater good.

Join us in making our communities and the world better places to live.


Becoming a Lion

  • Looking for a new experience?
  • Want to make a meaningful contribution to society?
  • Like to meet new people?
  • Then look no further!

Lions club members are men and women who strive to make a difference in their local community as well as in communities worldwide by providing hands-on assistance to enhance their communities and while doing so acquire new skills, new friends for life and have an enormous amount of fun. Their volunteer efforts go beyond the support of vision care, to addressing unmet health and education needs worldwide.

Lions are people just like you!

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